This year's  journey with Dev Retro 2022

This year's journey with Dev Retro 2022

Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.

I’ll tell you the story, but I have to start somewhere so I’ll just say that😉 when I made the decision to jump into learning web developmentI was at a point where I had no idea what I wanted to do in life🤷‍♀️.

First time I got a chance to reflect on my journey through this #DevRetro2022 challenge and I am really grateful for this I am writing this while reflecting in my soul, to share with you what I faced during this year. And How was my journey, all I am going to share here, so be with me this is going be a roller coaster of my journey of 2022💥

"In life, we have to face many things many hurdles, so why not to face it like a worrier"

Along the journey I was confronted with many situations, some were filled with joy, and some were filled with self-doubt. But in the process, I learned How we react to what we are faced with determines what kind of outcome the rest of our journey through life will be like.

When things don't always go our way, we have two choices in dealing with the situations.

  • We can focus on the fact that things didn't go how we had hoped they would and let life pass us by, or

  • We can make the best out of the situation and know that these are only temporary setbacks and find the lessons that are to be learned🤠

With this huge context, this is

How my story begins as a developer........

I belong to a very middle-class family. "So It is already has been decided that I am going to participate in a race. Race to earn the living. Race of survival.🥺" At that time I was thinking I wanted to be a chain breaker for my family.“I know I can Be what I wanna be, If I work hard at it I’ll be where I wanna be💪.”

Life has its ups and downs; no one has a perfect life. No one should expect to have a perfect life. Life is like the weather; it changes. Could you imagine a reality where every day was scorching hot sun, or endless rain? It would be hell. It takes, sun, rain, snow, and wind for life to prosper:✌️ we are the same.

Last December 2021 I was literally going through a different phase of life, I was finding meaning in my career I was completely confused😵‍💫. Nothing was clear in my head just one question....

what I am going to do with my life?🤯

For this question, God gave me the answer.

How I got Introduced to coding

So the story begins in December 2021 my brother was doing something and I paid attention and asked him what he does daily on the laptop. so he introduced the term web development. He asked me Why don't you try this? I completed my high school studies in computer science so I was aware of what coding is. But yeah not that much🙃.

Why did he suggest me to do coding actually holds a long story itself.....

As I mentioned earlier I wanted to be the chain breaker of the family this was a great opportunity for me to give it a try to something new🤫.

So here is my first hurdle of the journey that kicks in...

At that time we had only one laptop of my brother at home. But somehow I found a way to get started. My brother's friend had two laptops so I asked him to give me his laptop to do coding on his laptop. This is the way I found to get started. So I started learning Html and CSS on his laptop.

First things first, trying to learn a new skill set is HARD. Life is full of ups and downs, and the only way to make the journey worthwhile is if you enjoy the good and learn from the bad. That's what I did I was enjoying doing coding.

“Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there.”

I committed myself yes I am gonna focus on this. With this enthusiasm, I watched lots of time management videos created a disciplined routine, and worked really hard.

I was watching videos and trying to make websites. When I made My first website using HTML CSS and bootstrap that happiness was just on top of the world.

Yeah, not rocket science but that time it felt like that....

While doing this I was really enjoying the process. And then I decide to buy a new laptop, anyhow I managed to buy my first laptop which also holds a long story itself.

My new laptop came And now I was coding with full productivity. Then suddenly strikes that yes I am in the race for survival and I need a solid one to show me a path that so I can thrive with my full potential. In the end, it’s our own willingness to act that matters most. In the absence of courage, even the simplest of things can become complicated. It takes nothing to dream about something, but it takes lots of courage, determination, and hard work to turn it into a reality. This is what I was thinking or telling myself to keep myself motivated.

The best part #Hashnode

When I enrolled in BootCamp I was totally unknown of what blogging is, how to write and where to write.

My journey as a blogger started with my first blog as an assignment. Sir introduced Hashnode to write a blog. When it comes to choosing a blogging platform, there are many options available to you. Some of them are free, and others cost money. But Hashnode made blogging much easy for us. My first blog was a literal playground for me.

Fetures of Hashnode made it super comfortable for me to write my first blog. Anyhow, I managed to post my first blog😮‍💨. As days were going I noticed to write a blog I was reading so much documentation and watching lots of videos. So I decided to document my learning journey. I made a commitment to myself I have to write to teach myself. And what I observed Blogging Improved My Writing Skills.

As I continue to create and publish content on my blog, my writing skills have improved and I am able to find my unique style and tone of voice🥳. I was truly enjoying the process and I woke up and got to know that I was featured on Hashnode. It was like a dream. I was very happy😄.

I know success and failure are a part of a journey, both teach valuable lessons, but, both aren’t the destination or end result. They work as an indicator of your process or journey. I find much tranquility in both situations as I learned in yogic🧘‍♀️ philosophy that pain and pleasure joy and misery happen from within us. Our experience of life determines the quality of our life not where we are, where we are going, or what we are doing.

I never imagined that my simple decision of sharing will help someone and I feel very lucky that I took that decision. That time I was not trying to aim for producing great results, Instead, I was putting in hard work consistently, and ultimately as a byproduct, It lead me to great results.

Recently on 29 November 2022, I was interviewed by Hashnode marketing executive to share my experience as a blogger. This was truly unexpected for me. I was zero percent prepared but I headed. The interview went extremely amazing. The interviewer Ronald Blüthl made me very comfortable that's what I really respect about him. He gave me a chance completely share my thoughts and space to think. Really big thanks to Hashnode Team

Still, the journey is ongoing. Now I am much more excited to see new adventures in life🤗.

key takeaways for me this year

  • The purpose of failure is to self-reflect, learn from it and try again, while success means to keep up the continue by aiming for the next milestone. Each has its own significance. Failure can also contribute equally as long as one is willing to learn from it.

  • The wisdom is to realize that success is not final, It isn’t an end result. Rather It’s the by-product of your hard work. Dreaming about it alone does not produce any results unless you put in the effort.

  • Be patient and commit to doing what is required to make the problem go away forever. This progress produces confidence that a solution is possible.

  • Without some darker days, what would give the push to reach higher? I've seen some darker days in my life, but when I look back and put everything into perspective. I know now everything is for teaching us.

  • Life is an opportunity, seize the day, and live each day to the fullest. Life is not a project, but a journey to be enjoyed


Standing here when I look back to the time spent this year; I know I have gained a lot😌. It’s easy to get lost in the work of what we do, our enthusiasm and love for what we are creating. So, taking this time out to share pieces of life as well as the numerous challenges we’ve experienced along the way - which have supported us to grow and become even more connected to ourselves.

Thanks to Hashnode for creating This challenge It really helped me to take a pause and to reflect.

This was a really great year for me where I learned so much, gained many life lessons, get exposed to a great community. Felling totally satisfied in my heart and preparing myself for the next ups and downs of 2023.

Thank you so much for reading so far.

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